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You know that your business, or perhaps your not-for-profit organization, is a winner.  In good times and bad, you believe in your idea, and you want to share that idea with others: through your marketing, through your sales and services, and through the enthusiasm of your team. And as an owner, you have the drive and talent necessary to make that happen – except that the record-keeping, data tracking and financial stuff is taking up so much of your time and energy. You need some support – and TomKat Business Solutions is here to provide you with that support.

Bookkeeping Services

Let us take care of all your bookkeeping needs: gather all your records in an orderly fashion, design or update your Chart of Accounts, take care of your data entry, and give you accurate, easily-readable reports.

Statement Preparation

We can structure, or perhaps restructure, your Financial Statements for ease of understanding (by both you and your CPA), and you can rely on our attention to both the detail and the “bigger picture”.

Budget Development

Perhaps you are so busy keeping things moving that you have not had time to create a budget, or perhaps you have one but don’t have the time to tend to its maintenance. We can assist in all aspects.

Bank Reconciliations

Bank recs should always go smoothly and quickly, right? But they don’t, and it’s possible you’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit tracking down that $20 difference. Let us help you.

Business Planning

You have a dream for your business, and you have a good sense of what will make it grow. Yet sometimes you’ll hit a detour – a second set of eyes (and extensive experience) is a great asset.

Operations Consulting

Your receivables are challenging, your vendors are unreasonable, and there’s a snag somewhere in your business’s work flow on which you can’t quite put your finger. Let our fingers do the walking…

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