pagepic_section_bookkeepingYou have a Challenge: Day in and day out, your time and attention is claimed by one thing after another. Running a business or an organization is probably where the term “multi-tasking” originated, as far as you’re concerned. Interestingly, your business is both unique and subject to the basic tasks of all businesses. It is unique because of your Team and your Vision; that is where your passion and your commitment manifest themselves. The “basic tasks” stuff, on the other hand, is probably the last place in which you want to spend time. You need your energies to flow toward the ultimate reason for your business: your Customer.

We have a Solution: Allow us to make you our Customer. Allow us to meet you, so that you can get a sense of who we are and what we have to offer. We provide the flexibility to handle as little or as much as you like: from preparing your checks for signature to a comprehensive cash management system; from day-to-day reports to yearly analyses; from sales tax preparation to payroll tax guidance; and so much more. You can expect accuracy, clarity and a prompt response. We work primarily in QuickBooks® (see the Business Planning section for more details) and Excel® spreadsheets; and we have both worked on various other accounting platforms as well.

What you can Expect: In our decades-long respective careers, we have come to realize the importance of some time-honored business (and life) principles: responsiveness, promptness, diligence, integrity and – perhaps most important of all – the ability to listen. You can expect our work to be accurate and first-rate. We will both be familiar with not only your account, but also with you as a valued Customer. We will work with your time requirements and deadlines wherever possible. We are dependable, and we value communication – you won’t have to play phone or email tag to get in touch with us. In short, you can expect professionalism.