Organization and accuracy are two primary reasons to utilize our services.

Organization comes in many forms, from sorting receipts into categories to a well organized chart of accounts that sends data to the best categories for meaningful financial statements, which become a management tool. One area that provides satisfaction is not-for-profits that have had many willing volunteers. Often the chart of accounts becomes too granular and disorganized. Combining accounts where applicable, and separating administrative costs from operating costs provides a better picture of the financial activity. But it all starts with organization.

The benefits of accuracy in recordkeeping are to keep your books in balance and to be sure the best information available goes to your CPA or tax preparer. We will be asking lots of questions because we want to get it right. Those records also provide you with information that will help you to reach your targets, and insights to make better decisions. Organization and accuracy throughout the year can help you meet bank covenants, achieve on-time tax deposits and
give you peace of mind by knowing you have a handle on your operation.

There are various ways to achieve these goals and we can help you to decide what works best for you, helping you to spend less time recordkeeping and more time pursuing your passion. If you decide to choose QuickBooks, as a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor I can help you get QuickBooks Online or Desktop set up in a manner that is best for your particular type of business or not for profit organization. Part of the certification process includes knowledge to point out the best fit (again, I’ll be asking lots of questions), get you up and running, recommend best practice workflows and train you. If you have a question I cannot readily answer I will get back to you with the answer, because I have the entire QuickBooks support network available to me.