pagepic_section_financial-statementYou have a Challenge: Owning a business or running an organization presents a special challenge: effective communication. Of course, your Team has developed a common language, because free-flowing communication is critical to a successful workflow. Such diverse units as Tech Support and Marketing need to be able to operate in a common language for the ultimate success of the enterprise. But what about those who support your enterprise, but are not a direct part of it? What about your CPA, your lenders, and other outside units? That communication requires a special language all its own, a universal one: your Financial Statements.

We have a Solution: Informative, concise, clear Financials are not only a science, they are a portrait of your enterprise. Has your CPA ever looked at your financials and asked you “why is this being shown as an asset instead of a negative liability?”, or (our favorite) “how can Miscellaneous Expense be so huge?” As an owner / manager / director, you need to know that your general ledger is in order, AND that the summary of those numbers is logical and practical – to you, and to all the others who use this data. We will shape your financials so that they meet both GAAP standards, and so that they will make sense in managing your business.

What you can expect: If you are already in good shape with your Financials, then we will work within the framework and make sure the numbers feeding them are accurate. However, if you – or any of the other parties mentioned above – are spending too much time trying to make sense of the numbers, perhaps it’s because you need those numbers stated in a different, more suitable way for your circle of users. We will work with you to find out where this vital communication is on target, and where there is room for improvement. We’ve both been working with Financial Statements for many, many years – we have the experience to help you.