pagepic_section_budgetYou have a Challenge: As you well know, another core challenge to the owner or manager (along with communication) is managing that most precious and elusive commodity: time. Every day you prioritize time, your own and your Team’s. And because “Tasks > Time to Do Them”, some things naturally get put off: until tomorrow, next month, or never. That can happen with a budget – it can be time-intensive, it requires quiet time, and frankly it’s not very “sexy” – and to our way of thinking that is perilous. While your Financials are your “now”, your budget is your “path forward”.

We have a Solution: For the large part of our careers we’ve been directly involved in budgets. Tom has designed and managed budgets for almost 40 years, including for two start-up firms which he helped guide to acquisition. We “get” budgets. As we work with you on your Bookkeeping and your Statements (the “now”) and come to know the essence of your business or organization, we will help you shape and chart your path forward.

What you can expect: You can expect a budget that balances optimism and enthusiasm with reality. You can expect thoughtful, careful attention and review on our part to what has gone before, translated into a likely movement forward. You can expect the flexibility going forward with us to adapt to changes in the sphere of your business, good or bad, so that the view of the future is always reasonable. And you can expect that every bit of our experience and knowledge will be available to you, as a valued client and a partner.